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    Does this game even runs on Pj64 1.5? It says that it is playable... but it dont work on my computer though... It boots and then it goes down to 3fps and hangs... Is there someway to play this game... It rocks Cheers!!!
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    Does somebody know if the n64 emulator Corn is to be continued? It's after all the fastest emulator i have ever used... Would be great if there going to be another realse... :colgate: Cheers!!!
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    Was just wondering if someone knows a webpage or whatever, for games that support splitscreen, for two players. Dont find any site that does, so if someone know please tell me. Or if you know a good game, plz reply.... Cheers!!!
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    Pj 64 V. 1.5 Final Problems

    I've got a problem with the new version of Pj 64. While playing a rom in windowed mode, it's great, but when switching to Fullscreen the gfx mess up, and almost all of the games freezes. Why???? Can someone help me out?
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    Will it be possible to emulate Nintendo Gamecube? Or is it impoosible...? Would be fun if someone did it.... although it certainly need a quite fast computer.... Cheers :colgate:
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    Does it work?

    Got a problem with all of the SupraHLE, they doesn't start.... I've downloaded all the different versions, and unzipped them all, but they don't seem to work, any1 out there who can help me? Cheers