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    NullDC 1.0.4 hangs when starting game

    Hello everyone. When I click on file/normal boot the emulator hangs. I've posted in several forums for different Dreamcast emulators, I can't make any emulator work to play Shenmue again! I've been researching for a week already, I'm very tired... could you help me out? I have a "shenD1.cdi" for...
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    Can't make it work :(

    Hello everyone. I've been struggling for 2 hours renaming bios, creating zips, changing settings I don't understand, reading outdated forums that tell you to put files I can't find to directories that I don't know where to create... frustrating. I just want to play Shenmue again since my DC is...
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    Rage of the Dragons

    Hi! I downloaded Rage of the Dragons but I cannot make it work. Mame32.91 says the following files are missing sfix.sfx sp_s2.sp1 sm1.sm1 264-m1_decrypted.bin 000-lo.lo Could you please help me? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!